Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Cleaning Time

At least, it would be spring cleaning time if we would just get rid of this snow! LOL We woke to 2" of snow again this morning. Fortunately, April snow quickly melts off. Unfortunately, it snowed nearly non-stop most of the last week, with another storm predicted in a couple of days. I was able to take advantage of a relatively warm spell and clean out my front flower beds, taking out the dried, brown stems of perennials to expose the green of the new growth emerging from the ground. I still need to trim the bushes by my front door, the ones that grow so quickly that I soon can't see my driveway from my living room window.

In the gardens, there are some weeds to pull (mostly grass that has gotten into the garden beds) and carrots that overwintered to be dug up before it gets too warm. I also want a new asparagus bed in a spot that gets more sun than the current bed. There are plenty of perennials to trim up in the back yard, as well. And there are strawberries that need to be thinned out so they will produce better. If I get my way, we will also create a raised bed where the raspberries are. The raspberries have not been doing well there, with our heavy clay soil, and I am thinking a raised bed with lighter soil may give us a better crop.

In the garage, I need to clean out the garbage can that holds our winter supply of potatoes, the bucket of sand that holds carrots, and the pantyhose legs that hold onions thru the winter. It will soon be too warm for any of those to keep in the garage. We have more extras than usual this year, due to the month+ that my husband spent in the hospital, when I was not home cooking meals. I will likely dehydrate many of the extras, and may can some also. I am half thinking I may even freeze a few of the onions, chopped into snack-size bags, perfect for a recipe.

There is plenty to do to get the yard and garage ready for spring. Oh, and if I get time, there is lots of housework to do inside as well. LOL