Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Garden Time

I have been waiting to start planting my garden. First of all, the weather has not been too wonderful. What can I say, I am a wimp! Rain, snow, and cold will keep me in the house where it is dry and warm. Secondly, my DH grew up on a small farm. He has a farmer's mentality. He wants to do things the way his father did them. So he wants my garden beds tilled every spring. There are just a few complications, however. Such as, where we live now has a small yard, so we put in raised garden beds. They are tricky to till with our big tiller. And, he hasn't actually gotten outside to do any tilling yet this year. Between looking for a job, and doing people's taxes, he is busy. We are grateful for the taxes, because it is income for us. But I learned years ago not to expect him to do a thing in the garden before April 15th. When we moved to this house 6 1/2 years ago, he declared his independence, he wanted to be done with gardening forever! I, however, love having fresh, sun-warmed veggies all summer long. So we agreed, he would build me some raised garden beds, and I would take care of them. The farmer in him kicks in and he insists you have to till before you plant. I tried to wait for him to till, I really did. But the end of March was coming up, and it would soon be too late to plant peas. So I went out yesterday, while it was nice enough weather for a wimp, and I stirred up the dirt with my handy little weed hound gadget. And I planted my peas. And a bag of onion sets. And they will taste every bit as wonderful as they would have if he had actually tilled the garden beds for me. We will both enjoy them thoroughly. . . once he forgets that they weren't tilled first.


  1. i am moving towards lasagna gardening cause bernie made a HUGE mess of my garden...he dumped used chicken and duck bedding uncomposted all over the freeken place.......
    since i am an old lady and i can't lift the big shovels (yes i do realize i can buy newer lighter weight ones but sheesssss) i am going towards lasagna oh and i'm lazy too

  2. ...and after the veggies start coming on, does he tell all the neighbors how "We" raised the garden? That what mine does.